STORY – BKF Explorer Used by a Home User

  • Set Up
    A home user with two computers at home containing crucial school records of children and other important data too.
  • Backup Process
    NTBackup utility was used to take regular backup of all the crucial files.
  • Quantity of Backup Information
    Complete school records and insurance policy records were also stored in BKF files.
  • Disaster Scenario
    Accidental system shutdown badly affected most of the backed up data. BKF files heavily damaged and most of the crucial data was lost.
  • Loss Calculated
    Important test papers and assignments that are required to be submitted in school within few days before final exams was at stake of being lost on the permanent basis.
  • Money Spent to Resume Backup Data
    By paying only a small amount say $89 for the Personal License of BKF Repair software, this housewife managed to Recover BKF. This benevolent BKF Explorer extracted the data saved in doc files and backed up the recovered data.
Demo Video
BKF Repair Tool Video